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Online School of Holography (more info)
Registration begins Sept. 1, 2015

No other media in the world can match the three dimensional, high fidelity images of REAL laser holography. Holograms provide a nano-resolution, ultra- realism that is unequaled with any other 21st century imaging technology. Holograms provide a way to accurately "duplicate" whatever has been recorded, as if the object were right in front of you. A Nobel prize in physics was awarded to Dr. Dennis Gabor in 1971 for his work in what would become known as holography.

Now you can learn all about holography and making holograms at my new Online School of Holography (more info). You'll benefit from my over 30+ years of designing and providing laser and hologram educational programs. My new school launches on September 1, 2015, and the first class is titled "Introduction to Holography". Register whenever you want. Start whenever you want. Finish whenever you want. The choice is yours, and its backed by a 100% guarantee. See you there!

Online School of Holography (more info)
Registration begins Sept. 1, 2015

Frank DeFreitas 2015 My name is Frank DeFreitas ...
After a lifetime of service with lasers and holograms, I spend my time caring for my 20,000+ piece history of holography archives and welcoming the occasional visitor from around the world. Officially retired, I now have time to work on my own holography projects, and I enjoy sharing my historical and future applications knowledge through speaking engagements and presentations. Contact (USA): 610-434-8236. My full bio page is here.

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