• History of
    Christian 3D

    My collection documents 150 years of Christian three-dimensional imaging science and technology in American popular culture. Content ranges from mid- 19th century stereo photography to 21st century laser holograms, digital 3D-HD autostereo, and beyond.

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  • Evangelistic
    Laser Research

    My ongoing investigation with encoded micro holograms and free-space laser communication. This research might provide additional opportunities to spread the gospel in the future world. I call this work: Emerging Technologies and the Great Commission.

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  • Holography
    For Kids

    The original online laser and hologram science fair learning page for students. Today's youth are the future of this emerging technology. A great resource for home schoolers, too. Presented by someone with 30+ years of real-world experience. Be safe and be sure.

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Past Clients Since 1983

Frank DeFreitas 2015

My past clients include: The Smithsonian Institution, Wash. D.C. (The Hirshhorn Museum & Ripley Education Center); The Franklin Institute, Phila; Stevens Institute of Technology; Liberty Science Center, NJ; The Discovery Center of Science and Technology, PA; Lehigh University Physics Dept.; California Institute of Technology; Northampton Commmunity College; Lehigh-Carbon Community College; Allentown Art Museum; Rodale Press; WFMZ-TV; NASA / Northrop Grumman; Georgian Court University Physics Dept.; AT&T; Lucent Technologies; U.S. Navy; Fuji Film Corp.; Dupont; the Urban Systemic Initiative (NSF); and many elementary, middle and high schools. National Science Foundation-funded programs; scouts; home school groups; corporate events; birthday parties; and the first-ever online class for holography, with America On Line, in 1995.

Project Updates

  • December 2014
    Received larger artifacts for recording. Provided first "mini" display of holograms at Christ EC Church in Allentown, PA. Test shots performed with Cyrus Cylinder prototype onto silver-halide glass plate.

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