3D Cameras, Projectors, Digital 3D-HD, Autostereoscopic

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3D Cameras, Projectors, Digital Autostereo

Publishing Notes
Updated 23 SEP 2014

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The Christian 3D collection deals mostly with the end result of 3D cameras. However, I still maintain a small collection of these items ... just to show the history and science and technology development along the way. In this upcoming section you will find 3D cameras, 3D projectors, digital 3D-HD cinema, and the new digital autostereoscopic screens.

Pola-Matic Stereo Projector

These pieces of equipment would have been used to document everyday Christian living, particularly in mid- 20th century American culture. Church events, weddings, christenings and baptisms, and so forth. While many, many of these photos exist in 2D, they are relatively rare in 3D, and as 3D kodachrome slides, are usually much higher quality than any of the surviving photos.

Fuji Real 3D V3

The Fuji Real 3D V3 photo frame is autostereoscopic, which means that viewers do not need to wear 3D glasses anymore. All you need to do is look at the screen and you see the full 3D effect (assuming that the photo is a 3D photo, of course). I have been scanning, restoring and digitally converting many of my 19th century Christian 3D stereoviews to this format and they are quite extraordinary. It is very exciting to be a part of moving these early 3-dimensional images into the 21st century (and beyond).

Fuji Real 3D V3

The above photo shows the first test shot of this project played back on the Fuji Real 3D V3 autostereoscopic (no glasses) viewer (23 SEPT 2014). This 3D viewing system is not available in the USA, so I had to import it from Japan for these experiments. The restored and digitized 3D image (shown zoomed in) is from an 1850's stereoview card and shows an infant baptism being performed in England, with credit going to Burfield & Rough, 180, Strand, Corner of Norfolk Street, London. Glasses are not required to view this image in 3D, providing that you are at the screen (it does not appear 3D as a web page photo). I will soon make this file available for download to visitors to this web page (sometime 4th quarter 2014). A 3D viewing device that accepts the new .MPO photo format will be needed.

Fuji Real 3D V3

Here (above) I'm shown displaying the full-frame Fuji Real 3D V3 test image (not 3D on your computer screen). It is a beautiful 3D image, and the screen is LED and true lenticular. This is the test shot that will lead to large-format cinema 3D images. Unfortunately, since the 3D digital screen is imported from Japan, all of the on-screen menu options, and the instruction manual are in Japanese only. Therefore, at the moment, I am somewhat limited in my ability to fully utilize all the features.

Sometime 4th quarter 2014, I will have several sample files for visitors to download and view on their 3D televisions and hand-held devices.

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