Biblical archaeology holography

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Biblical Archaeology Holograms

Publishing Notes
Updated 23 OCT 2014

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The above photo shows a small test hologram which contains the holographic image of the King Hazael stele. At this stage of the project, I am working with museum replicas exclusively. It is as if the object were physically behind the glass. This can allow priceless artifacts to be displayed as if they were really there in the exhibit. But the objects are not there at all. They're holograms.

Frank examining large gelatin silver glass plate hologram

(above photo): Here I am examining a rather large (and expensive) 30 x 40 cm gelatin silver glass plate laser hologram, after exposure and development in the optics laboratory and darkroom of a Jacksonville, Florida high school program. This was a project of recording civil war artifacts recovered from a sunken war ship known as the Maple Leaf. Holograms from this project have been exhibited in the USA and Europe, and are now in the collections of the National Civil War Museum, and the Mandarin Museum and Historical Society (as well as my own collection here in Allentown, Pennsylvania).

I am now focusing my attention on Biblical artifacts. I hope to develop a traveling exhibit. This will provide people of Faith an opportunity to experience their Christian heritage in new and exciting ways.

First century oil lamp from Jerusalem

The photo above shows a first century oil lamp from Jerusalem sitting in the area of the holographic plate holder. For this type of test shot, a simple 4 x 5-inch gelatin silver *or* photopolymer emulsion glass plate will be exposed with laser light. The resulting holographic image will record the exact optical wavefront of light that the object will reflect, including phase information. Therefore, upon reconstruction with light, it will appear once again in three-dimensional space as if it were sitting wherever the hologram is shown.

Hologram of Jerusalem oil lamp

Here (above) is the final laser hologram of the first century oil lamp from Jerusalem. It was recorded in my laser studio / lab here in Allentown, PA. These artifact holograms can be made in multiple copies of any number, and sent to around the world to other research facilities. In fact, if placed under a microscope, the holographic image acts as if the real object is present. Resolution is so fine that the microscope -- if powerful enough -- can zoom in on, and resolve, detail as small as surface bacteria. That is quite a recording process!

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