History of Christian 3D commentary and powerpoint

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Christian 3D: Commentary and Powerpoint

Publishing Notes
Updated 12 NOV 2014

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The are many collections and archives that document American Christianity through photography. There is only one, however, that does so in 3D. It is located in Allentown, Pennsylvania ... sandwiched in between towns named Bethlehem, Nazareth, and Emmaus.

The History of Christian 3D collection is a sub-category of the larger 20,000+ piece Antiquarian Holographica collection. The AH collection documents the history of three dimensional imaging science and technology, with a focus on the history of laser holography up to the present day.

For nearly 40 years I, Frank DeFreitas, have been it's care taker.

The imagery of Christianity was one of the driving forces for 3D since the emergence of stereoscopic photography in the mid 1800's. The goal of this project is to provide restoration and ultra high definition digital conversion, especially of the earliest tissue and paper-based silver gelatin stereographs (and possibly stereo daguerreotypes). Another goal is to explore 21st century emerging technologies such as laser communication and holographic imaging of both past and present Christian based content.

Jesus Christ is the King of 3D. Back in the day and right up through the 20th century, 3D photographic depictions of the life of Jesus Christ and the day to day activities of Christian living kept the industry buzzing with production. Whether it was retiring to the front parlor and viewing stereographs through a stereoscope by gas light, or sitting on a sofa in a 1940’s family room viewing the latest 3D filmstrip (shot by such iconic luminaries as Cecil B. DeMille), Christian based 3D content has been right alongside its 2D counterpart for over 150 years. Just as it is today in the 21st century.

In this section of the HoloWorld web site, I’ll be documenting the history of Christian 3D: from 19th century stereoscopic photography to 21st century laser holograms and beyond. I will be creating a gallery of selected items for each of the categories, and also offering digital download samples for your enjoyment on 3D televisions and hand-held devices.

I have begun this project in September of 2014, and I hope to have it useful to visitors by late fall or early winter. Please check back from time to time to find updates.

Ultimately, there will be a narrated multimedia powerpoint download available, so that programming can be provided for groups.

Frank DeFreitas
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"Science is the study of the physical manifestations of God in action."
-- Frank DeFreitas

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