The Crucifixion (1890)

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Christian 3D Anaglyphs

Publishing Notes
Updated 24 AUG 2014

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The 3D anaglyph has become to be known as the low-end of 3D technologies. At one time it was found most often in print publications such as comic books and magazines, both of which were quickly produced for mass consumption on low grade stock.

These are the type of 3D that require wearing red / cyan colored 3D glasses. In the example above, we have a 3D anaglyph conversion (#9 in my Easter series) from an 1890 stereograph card from Underwood & Underwood. If you do not have glasses, contact me and I will see to it that you obtain a pair by return mail.

The card states:

The Crucifixion Matthew XXVII: 50.

And behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom; and the earth did quake, and the rocks rent.

St. John stands at the left, and the Virgin, with the other Maries, on the right. The men sitting in front, are casting lots for the garments.

Hand Made Anaglyph

(above photo): I have been generating display-sized 3D anaglyphs from antique stereoview cards for some time now. Here I am shown with one of my restorations and conversions: a 30 x 20 inch anaglyphic rendition of the steregraph I am holding next to it. It is quite an enlargement and file size at high quality print resolution. These can be hung on the wall for viewing, with the viewer wearing 3D anaglyph glasses. P.S.: the church pews extend back so far that they appear to go through the wall and across the street in depth.(!)

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