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Christian 3D Ephemera

Publishing Notes
Updated 29 AUG 2014

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Ephemera is the largest holding of the 20,000+ piece Antiquarian Holographica collection. The Christian sub-category covers various paper based items associated with the stereoscopes, reels, filmstrips, film cards, lenticulars, anaglyphs, holograms. One can find advertising, posters, postcards, books, letters, documents, first day envelopes, stamps, booklets, boxes, and so on. These items are not the actual reels et al themselves, but items that would be supplemental to them. Most would be considered throw aways, such as instruction sheets, receipts of sale, antique company stock certificates, and more.

Ephemera was the category that started it all. I started my collection 40 years ago with Ephemera. The first item was the exhibit booklet from the Museum of Holography traveling show "Through the Looking Glass" held at the Walnut Street Theater in Philadelphia, PA. Many items date back over 100 years.

Tru Vue Stereoscope

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