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Christian Holograms

Publishing Notes
Updated 15 OCT 2014

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Nowhere is 3D more advanced or convincing than with laser-created holograms. As an imaging science and technology, holography (as the field of study is known) is not merely three-dimensional, it is all- encompassing in ways that other 3D media are not.

diamond pectoral hologram from Ukraine

The hologram shown above was a gift to the collection from the optics and holography laboratory of the university of Ukraine. It shows a diamond pectoral of one of the Czars of Russia. The stone in the center seemingly depicts the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. In reality, the image is the natural internal veining of the stone itself. Holography is very good at recording historical artifacts as never before possible. Unfortunately, the photo will not appear 3-dimensional on your computer screen. In person, one is certainly convinced that the object is right in front of their eyes -- but it is not there at all (only optically as phase information). The diamonds even sparkle as one walks past the hologram. It is on permanent display in my home exhibit room in Allentown, PA, USA.

christian archeology holography

The above photo shows a 3-dimensional laser hologram (not 3D on your computer screen), recorded onto a dichromated gelatin emulsion. Sent to me for my collection, but not certain of its origin.

Holography can also be used in scientific and technical imaging applications, and you'll find more information on this topic in the science and technology section of Emerging Technologies and the Great Commission.

Biblical archaeology holography

If you're interested in the history of Christianity, you may want to visit my latest ongoing project web page: Biblical Archaeology Holograms.

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