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Christian Lenticulars

Publishing Notes
Updated 23 AUG 2014

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The lenticular shown above is a selected sample showing Jesus in the Garden of Gethemene, as depicted here via diorama, and recorded onto an early Kodak Kodachrome emulsion glass plate (circa 1950). The lenticular screen overlay is diamond etched into yet another piece of glass. The entire assembly is housed so that the glass plate sandwich can be rear-illuminated as a transmission image. All of the lenticular images in this series from this era are quite remarkable, and having them all recorded onto early Kodachrome glass plate emulsions is appealing to the collector as well.

christian stereoview

The image above was shot by a famous lenticular artist / technician, Victor Anderson. He made a series of lenticulars of Christian dioramas created by artist / sculptor Paul Cunningham (shown below). They were located at the Prince of Peace Museum in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and the Prince of Peace Memorial in Silver Springs, FL (both long closed now). While there are scores of postcards commemorating both of these establishments, each has only a standard 2-dimensional photograph of the dioramas. With the lenticulars, the 3D dioramas live on, being as close to the "real thing" as one can get. I'm happy to be able to display these much loved lenticulars of the Life of Christ in my exhibit room in Allentown, PA.

paul cunningham prince of peace museum

Many times lenticulars will have many more than just two viewpoints, in comparison to stereoview cards. Some of the more professional cameras would record up to eight or more perspectives, which would allow for quite a bit of parallax to the final image. The more perspectives, the greater need for accuracy with image registration. In some modern instances, it is quite possible to "look around" objects, very similar to the experience of viewing a hologram (which is an entirely different process altogether).

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