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Christian View-Master

Publishing Notes
Updated 26 AUG 2014

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A stereoscope viewer creates a 3-D effect by using a card, reel or film with two side-by-side images that become one 3-D image when viewed through the glasses of the viewer.

The above View-Master stereoscope is one of the very first units offered for sale at the 1939 New York World's Fair. It is one of many such stereoscopes in our Christian 3D collection.

Entire web sites can be devoted to the View-Master, and there are many online in 2014. To add yet another seemed silly, until I realized that no other web site approaches the View-Master from the subject of Christianity. This is surprising, since View-Master (among several others) devoted many of their reels to the subject. Therefore, these 20th century stereoscopes and their reels, cards and filmstrips are a big part of the collection.

The various companies brought Christian 3D to American pop culture in a big way: from rural, to inner city, to the new suburban American homesteads. Every Christian based motion picture that you watch today, whether in the movie theater or at home, has these family-affordable viewers to thank. They started it all.

Other branded stereoscopes that will be featured here will be Tru-Vue; Stereo Realist; TDC; Stori Viewer, Radex, 3D Picture Viewer, Jules Richard and others.

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