School of Holography
School of Holography

by Frank DeFreitas Holography Studio
Allentown, Pennsylvania
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Creative Holography Using
Inexpensive Laser Pointers

My magical journey of making
holograms with a $7.99 laser pointer
and inexpensive laser diodes.

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Kennedy Assassination Research Test Bullet Hologram.
Made with my NEW Shoebox Holography System.

SHOEBOX HOLOGRAPHY ©1999 Frank DeFreitas

Photo of actual hologram made with the Shoebox Holography System


SHOEBOX HOLOGRAPHY ©1999 Frank DeFreitas

How about an easy, inexpensive holography set-up that you can pack it away in the area the size of a shoebox?! You can make great-looking holograms in your own holography studio with my Shoebox Holography System. I just did tonight. NOT dismal-looking holograms. GREAT holograms. Holography has hit the masses and here we come.

I developed my Shoebox Holography System so that everyone can have the opportunity to make their own holograms . . . easily and inexpensively. It creates nice, bright, holograms in either the single-beam reflection or transmission mode. As your experience grows, you can make multi-color and even single-beam reflection master to copy transfers -- all using the same system and NO additional equipment.

Shoebox Holography allows you to make holograms just about anywhere and anytime. You can work right on your floor or on your desktop. It packs up easily into the area the size of a shoebox -- move it from classroom to classroom, house to house . . . carry it in your backpack or take it with you in your car, bus, airplane or train -- and, it sets-up and breaks down in under 5 minutes.

Because your laser pointer is powered by batteries, you do not even need to be around any electricity to make holograms!

The Shoebox Holography System is great for:

  • Science Fair Projects
  • Art or Science Education
  • Workshop Programs at Museums
  • Holography Demonstrations
  • Getting Started with Holography as a Hobby
  • "Keep Busy" activities for weekends, vacations and summers off


We are truly in the age of inexpensive, do-it-yourself, "desk-top" holography
The simple (and few) materials are easily found at any home improvement center, office supply store or through mail-order. If you're looking for an inexpensive way to try your hand at holography, and get great results in the process, the Shoebox Holography System is the way to go.

About This First SHOEBOX HOLOGRAPHY Hologram

I wanted to make an "interesting" hologram as my first Shoebox Holography shot. Not just a piece of coral, or the digital camera that I used in my initial experiments, but something that people would look at and study. An "important" hologram.

The above hologram (at the top of this page) is of two bullets (6.5mm Mannlicher Carcano) that deal with the Kennedy Assassination (these are test bullets, not the real bullets). They were sent to me from JFK researcher/author/film maker Jerry Robertson. The "pristine" bullet on the left looks just like the "magic bullet" that Lee Harvey Oswald alledgedly shot which traveled through President Kennedy's neck, through Governor Connally's chest, through Connally's wrist (shattering the wrist bones), and finally embedding itself into Gov. Connally's thigh. It eventually wound up on a stretcher that had been used by Gov. Connally at Parkland Memorial Hospital. For a comparison to the real "magic" bullet, see the Warren Commission Exhibit's in the photo below. You will find that the "pristine" bullet from the Commission's report and the above bullet in the hologram are in identical shape. Also note the damage to the bullet on the right, and how it compares to the bullet in the hologram.

Now, the bullet on the RIGHT (in both the hologram and Warren Commission report), was fired from the same type of rifle (Mannlicher Carcano) that Lee Harvey Oswald alledgedly used. This bullet was fired ONLY into the wrist of a human cadaver. Notice the damage to the bullet (the photo of the hologram is not the sharpest, but the tip of the bullet is completely flattened and split open. The hologram itself is very sharp). How could the "magic" bullet (on the left) do so much damage and yet stay in such pristine condition -- when the other bullet received so much damage from much less? This has been the basis to the theory that Oswald did not act alone (some feel he did not participate at all). Without that one bullet on the left hitting BOTH Kennedy AND Connally, there was not enough time to get off all the shots, because an extra shot would have been needed (to hit both Kennedy and Connally with separate shots). This is where many researchers feel that the extra shot was made from the Grassy Knoll, by an additional assassin -- therefore, a conspiracy. An interesting subject for people to see and study, first hand, through the dimensional ability of holography.

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