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LIGHT ART (utilizing holography)

Holographic Light Scapes
Created using holographic optical elements, diffraction gratings, Cape May Diamonds (quartz), various lenses, mirrors, and beamsplitters. Light sources include lasers, led's, candles, the sun, the moon, oil lamps, and antique carbon filament light bulbs.


HoloTalk Internet Radio Show
An Internet radio broadcast which features guests from around the world. It is now archived with over 120 programs in MP3 format.


One of the earliest and most comprehensive online resources for laser light shows and effects.
Sam's Laser FAQ
Since the 'early days' this has been a wealth of information on lasers and their operation.


  • No Chemical Processing:
    Liti Hologram Kit
    Great for home or classroom, the Liti kit is easy to use, relies on a safe, low-power laser diode, and does not require any chemical processing.

  • Chemical Processing:
    Harman Hologram Plates
    I use and endorse Harman materials. For established hobbyists to professionals. Silver-halide glass plates.


    The Frank DeFreitas Holography Archive
    The Frank DeFreitas Holography Archive collects, preserves, and exhibits historical documents, prints, and general ephemera associated with light, optics, lasers, holograms, and general 3D.
    HOLOCENTER: Center for the Holographic Arts
    The Center for the Holographic Arts (Holocenter) is an organization dedicated to promoting and developing holographic artwork. As one of the only independent holographic arts organizations in existence, our mission is to ensure that holography continues to be a creative practice.
    The Jonathan Ross Hologram Collection
    One of the finest collections of holographic art compiled by Jonathan Ross of London, England.
    Holopack Holoprint
    The Holopack Holoprint conference provides a setting for delegates, exhibitors and sponsors to discuss new papers and issues facing the holographic industry worldwide and hosts the Holography Awards.
    Hologram Manufacturers Association of India
    A self-regulated national body to enforce a closely monitored Code of Practice & respect for copyrights, encourage adoption of current technologies and standards for high security, and mandatory registration of all security hologram/images.
    4th Dimension Holographics
    Retail shop and holography gallery/museum in the Mid-West. Pulsed portraits. Holography materials. Custom work.
    John Fairstein's site on his early medical holography work and a historical look at the early days of holography in San Francisco.
    Three Dimensional Imagery
    A DIY site for making great holograms, from my friend Steve Michael.
    Amateur Holography
    A very early web site by George Kalligeros for those wishing to enjoy creating holograms at home or school.
    Timo Junker Holografie
    A German-language DIY holography web site by Timo Junker.
    Ross Books
    From the publishers of Shoebox Holography, The Holography Handbook and Holography Marketplace.
    International Society for Optical Engineers (SPIE)
    A great site for optical engineering information. (Obviously)
    Laser Focus World
    If it's about Lasers -- and Laser-related topics . . . it's here!
    The Institute of Physics
    One of the world's leading clearinghouses and organizations for the field of physical sciences.

    "Science is the study of the physical manifestations of God in action."
    -- Frank DeFreitas

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