what are lasers used for?
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What Are Lasers Used For?

Genesis DNA Hologram Beacon from futuretech on GodTube.

ABOVE: Play Video to see Free-Space Laser Communication Broadcast.

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Updated 13 March 2014

Holography Studio Guide

Student Study Guide:
Lasers, Holograms & Photonics

Lasers, Holograms & Photonics Lasers, Holograms & Photonics Lasers, Holograms and Phototonics (download)
Here is an 18-page study guide (PDF format) and homework helper that will give students a good foundation with lasers, holograms and the field of optics / photonics. It provides definitions, a timeline of events, biographies of inventors, along with current and future applications. The future is made of LIGHT, and those who are able to understand and work with light will pave the way for the photonics-based, free space laser communication technologies superhighway. You will need the Adobe Acrobat PDF reader for this file.

Hello. My name is Frank DeFreitas and I saw my first laser beam in 1968 (I was in the 8th grade). If you'd like to learn about how lasers are used today, you've come to the right web page! Since there is plenty of information elsewhere on the history of the laser and how they work, I will not duplicate that info. here on this page.

So, let's get right to the l-o-n-g list of what lasers are used for. You have my permission to print out this list for reports and homework.

If you're an educator, you may wish to assign several of the listed uses to students, and have them report on how lasers are used with them.

Note: I'm certain that this list is not complete, and it will always continue to grow. If you know of yet another use of lasers (to add to the list), please contact me and I'll make sure it gets posted in a future update.

What Lasers are Used For:

  • Repairing detached retinas

  • Reading product codes on groceries

  • Recording and playing CDs & DVDs

  • Cutting fabric for clothes

  • Drilling holes in metal

  • Inspecting bottles

  • Transmitting telephone calls and data

  • Surveying roads

  • Sounding the atmosphere

  • Dazzling concertgoers

  • Annealing microcircuits

  • Welding metal

  • Characterizing surface roughness

  • Measuring air pollution

  • Fingerprinting diamonds

  • Defining the meter

  • Slowing atomic beams

  • Printing computer data

  • Measuring the earth-moon distance

  • Cutting airplane parts

  • Transmitting news wirephotos

  • Aligning precision machinery

  • Making Holograms

  • Controlling tunnel machinery

  • Configuring massive telescopes

  • Designating military targets

  • Diagnosing flames

  • Leveling land

  • Controlling inventory

  • Analyzing compounds

  • Finding impurities

  • Aligning sawmill cuts

  • Monitoring polar ice caps

  • Measuring airplane velocity

  • Cleaning teeth

  • Looking for gravitational radiation

  • Installing acoustical ceilings

  • Read / write data storage

  • Identifying molecules

  • Aiding robotic vision

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  • Inspecting tires

  • Positioning medical patients

  • Probing genetic material

  • Inspecting textiles

  • Removing birthmarks

  • Illuminating fluid flow

  • Communicating underwater

  • Enlarging color photographs

  • Teaching optics

  • Identifying viruses

  • Creating laser light art

  • Sensing rotation

  • Performing microsurgery

  • Erasing ink

  • Powering optical computers

  • Trimming resistors

  • Altering interconnects

  • Analyzing materials

  • Cleaning diamonds

  • Analyzing auto exhaust

  • Frank DeFreitas Christian Holograms

    Emerging Technologies
    & the Great Commission

    My Christian-based Work
    with Lasers and Holograms

    Holograms are not just about 3D images. When holography was invented, the 3D aspect was a "side-effect", not a main objective. The REAL future of holography will be its many technical applications. Here are a few of my recent projects utilizing lasers and holograms in a slightly different than usual way: making sure that the Gospel is taken far into the future ...

    Holography and Microscopy Introduction to Micro Holography Laser Holograms and Microscopy (download) Christian Holography 3D
    Here is an introductory 12-page PDF file with photos that gives a bit of history behind holographic microscopy -- and microscopic holography (there IS a difference!). I wrote this for the British online magazine Micscape for September 2013. You will need the Adobe PDF reader in order to read this document.

    Hologram Bible The Genesis Hologram Project (web page) Christian Holography 3D
    Coming soon ... 2014 project ... a 3D laser hologram of human DNA will also transmit a carrier beacon of light containing audible Morse code of the first book of Genesis. (Genesis is the root word of today's scientific gene and genetic). In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth... Certainly my most conceptually challenging piece to date.

    Hologram Bible The Hologram Bible (web page) Christian Holography 3D
    The Hologram Bible contains all 1,245 individual pages, and 773,746 words of the King James Bible. It is the size of an average snowflake. Its mission is to one day bring Scripture to areas of the world where the Christian Holy Bible is banned. Its size is just the beginning of what makes it different from every other Bible in the world today. Seen by thousands.

    world's smallest lord's prayer World's Smallest Lord's Prayer (web page) Christian Holography 3D
    Is this laser hologram the 'Greatest Hologram on Earth'? The width of a single human hair, I propose that this is the world's smallest rendition of the Lord's Prayer in the world today. It contains its own magnification optics encoded into the hologram itself. Reported in many top newspapers across the USA and NBC 10 (Philadelphia) in Sept. 2013, and shown in many science museums and expositions including the Smithsonian and the New York Hall of Science. Seen by tens of thousands.

  • Orienting crystals

  • Aligning jigs

  • Ranging targets

  • Watching continents drift

  • Sizing atmospheric dust particles

  • Cleaning art relics

  • Tracing air currents

  • Measuring molecular density

  • Imploding microfusion pellets

  • Sensing cloud altitude

  • Monitoring earthquakes

  • Gauging fine wines

  • Testing optical components

  • Analyzing thin film compositions

  • Drilling holes in diamond dies

  • Testing relativity

  • Separating isotopes

  • Sensing liquid level

  • Sensing magnetic fields

  • Programming read-only memory

  • Counting blood cells

  • Guiding missiles

  • Gauging film thickness

  • Monitoring crystal growth

  • Aligning large optics

  • Shaping jewel bearings

  • Measuring the speed of light

  • Securing perimeters

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  • Positioning x-y stages

  • Computing in parallel

  • Pumping hard-to-pump lasers

  • Astonishing moviegoers (special effects)

  • Creating highly excited atoms

  • Amplifying images

  • Cauterizing blood vessels

  • Diagnosing fusion plasmas

  • Enhancing chemical reactions

  • Engraving identification marks

  • Hardening surfaces

  • Perforating computer paper

  • Producing advertisements

  • If you would like to view lasers and holograms, and learn about their history, you can visit my year round studio exhibition, located in Allentown, PA (near Philly and NYC).

    -- Frank DeFreitas

    "Where there is no vision, the people perish."
    -- Proverbs 29:18

    "Science is the study of the physical manifestations of God in action."
    -- Frank DeFreitas

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