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Frank DeFreitas October 2014
Frank DeFreitas, Holographer
Still going strong after 32 years of holography:
Exhibiting at a 2014 Maker Faire in Scranton, PA

2015 is 32 YEARS of my famous holography workshops!


Not everyone needs a holography workshop. Some people can just start on their own. Others, however, have a personal preference to work hand in hand with someone that has experience. After 32 years in holography, I'm beginning to wind things down. That being said, as long as I still have breath I will continue to offer my "Intro to Holography" lecture / workshop to those interested. This classic workshop is geared for people just starting out, and "old timers" wanting to get back in the game after a long absence. We'll start off with a bit of history and basic techniques. You'll get to view a few famous holograms and enjoy some historical memorabilia. Then we'll head down into the lab for a full step-by-step, start to finish demonstration. Perhaps most importantly, you'll learn how you can make your own equipment: DIY equipment that gives extraordinary results that rivals (and in some cases exceeds) holograms made by professional studio laboratories ... all hand-built from inexpensive (even no-cost), readily available materials. Your workshop will include a reference CDROM that is filled with years holography instructional information (how to make holograms; darkroom chemistry formulas; computer-generated holograms; table layouts, color holography; and more). Class / lab size is limited to one to four students. An adult must accompany any student under 18 years of age, however there is no additional fee for the adult. Contact me for more information on when the next class will take place (see telephone and email link below), or give me a few dates and I'll try to accommodate one of your choices. You'll also appreciate my reasonable fee, which remains the same as it was back in 1983 ... adjusted each year only for inflation.

Frank DeFreitas, holographer
Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA

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About My Work in Holography:

Since 1983, my past clients include: The Smithsonian Institution, Wash. D.C. (The Hirshhorn Museum & Ripley Education Center); The Franklin Institute, Phila; Stevens Institute of Technology; Liberty Science Center, NJ; The Discovery Center of Science and Technology, PA; Lehigh University Physics Dept.; University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology; California Institute of Technology; Northampton Commmunity College; Lehigh-Carbon Community College; Allentown Art Museum; Rodale Press; WFMZ-TV; NASA / Northrop Grumman; Georgian Court University Physics Dept.; AT&T; Lucent Technologies; U.S. Navy; Fuji Film Corp.; Dupont; the Urban Systemic Initiative (NSF); and many elementary, middle and high schools. National Science Foundation-funded programs; scouts; home school groups; corporate events; birthday parties; and teaching the first online class for holography, with America On Line, in 1995.

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Frank DeFreitas 2015 My name is Frank DeFreitas ...
I viewed my first laser and hologram in 1968 and designed and built my own holography lab in 1983. I have spent 30+ years working with lasers and holograms in various capacities. Presently, I am retired to my study, where I spend my time caring for my 20,000+ piece holography history archives and welcoming the occasional visitor from around the world. I now have time to work on my own projects, and I enjoy providing historical and technical knowledge through speaking engagements. My full bio page is here, and you can write to me at: holoworld at yahoo dot com (replace the "at" with @ and the "dot" with .)

Frank DeFreitas Holography

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The Rocks Will Cry Out Hologram Exhibit, 2015, Allentown, Pennsylvania

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