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About My Laser and Hologram Programs
For 30 years (since 1983), I have provided world-class holography outreach and workshop programs to tens of thousands of students, educators and adults at: The Franklin Institute, Phila; Liberty Science Center, NJ; The Discovery Center of Science and Technology, PA; Lehigh University Physics Dept.; Lehigh-Carbon Community College; Northampton Community College; Georgian Court University Physics Dept.; The Smithsonian Institution, Wash. D.C. (Hirshhorn Museum & Fick Education Center); the New York Hall of Science; the Urban Systemic Initiative (NSF); home schooling events, birthday parties, private homes; and many elementary, middle and high schools throughout the northeast region -- along with several National Science Foundation-funded programs in other areas of the U.S.


Modern holograms are very easy to make today, and most people do not need to attend a holography class or workshop to learn how. Therefore, this workshop program focuses on classic VINTAGE holography: the way holograms were made in the very early days: gas lasers, gelatin silver salts glass plates, wet processing, hand-made optical components and vibration-isolation tables. This is holography at its DIY best.

In this workshop, we'll work side-by-side, underground, creating two museum / archival quality holograms: a split-beam, Leith-Upatnieks laser transmission and a Denisyuk style white light reflection. We'll utilize the same methods of the earliest laser holography laboratories around the world -- and recreate their attempts at the world's first laser holograms.

Since I am now semi-retired, this retro / vintage holography workshop will be my only offering for the present and future on a very limited basis. I can also provide this as an outreach program.

All workshop reservations are based on my availability.
Call 610-434-8236


Host a laser and holography presentation at your location that will show how new technologies will take the Gospel into the future. I would love to visit, and no group is too small! In fact, I can do table-top presentations right in a home living room. I'll bring an exhibit of lasers, holograms and microscopes (for amazing micro-photography). Great for schools, clubs, church groups, educational birthday parties, fund raisers, festivals, and home school events. I'm in Allentown, PA, and I can visit areas such as NYC, Philly, Scranton, Lancaster, New Jersey, etc. Call me: Frank DeFreitas / 610-434-8236. I celebrated 30 YEARS of presentations in 2013.

All program reservations are based on my availability.
Call 610-434-8236

Frank DeFreitas in Classroom 1983
My first classroom hologram presentation in 1983!

"Where there is no vision, the people perish."
-- Proverbs 29:18

"Science is the study of the physical manifestations of God in action."
-- Frank DeFreitas

Holography Outreach Programs

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