Introduction RealAudio: LISTEN HERE / DOWNLOAD (2.4mb)

The above audio is in RealAudio format. You will need the free RealAudio player to listen. If you do not have the player, you can download it HERE.

Supplementary Materials for Module One:

Demo Templates for making your slits. These are examples of eight slits to produce a 4 x 5 hologram portrait. Make sure that your slits are precisely aligned and butt up against one another. Do not have spaces or overlaps. Adjust to fit your own film or plate size.

Animated GIF of Slit Action:
Here is an example of how the exposures will be made using each slit. Each slit coincides with each transparancy from your photo session. There are eight exposures in all. Details of all of this will be covered in a future show as we progress.

List of Materials:

MODULE TWO: "Taking the Pictures: Photography".

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