Ancient Biblical Artifacts

This 3D laser hologram project documents artifacts of ancient civilizations of the Bible.

Archaeologists will continue to discover more secrets hidden beneath the earthen surface of the ancient world. My latest (2015) series of holograms provides a 3D holographic glimpse into the history of many key historical events in both Old and New Testaments of the Holy Bible. learn more>>

Christian 3D History

150 years of Christian three-dimensional imaging science and technology.

A very unique collection, unlike any other in the world today. Items range from 19th century stereo photography, 20th century lenticulars, view-master, to 21st century laser holograms, digital 3D-HD auto stereoscopic and beyond. Sorry Jurassic World … Jesus is *still* the King of 3D. learn more>>

Laser Evangelism Research

Future communication technologies that may help spread the Good News on Earth and beyond.

My research with micro holograms, free-space laser communication, and holographic image beacons. This research may result in exciting new opportunities for evangelism, leading far into the future. I call this work: Emerging Technologies and the Great Commission. learn more>>

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