Frank DeFreitas Holography
Founded 1983 : Allentown, PA, USA

As Featured in Make Magazine Holograms Magazine Issue #25.

Laser Evangelism in Space

Online Classes

Online laser and holography classes with Frank DeFreitas

Learn about lasers and holograms at home or school. Over 3 hours of instructional media with PDF downloads. Great for science fairs, reports, or for beginners who wish to get started making holograms.

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Biblical Holograms

Archaeology holograms of the ancient Bible world

Babylon. Persia. Assyria. Jerusalem. Antioch. These 3D laser holograms of ancient Biblical artifacts document the historical events of the Holy Bible. As seen in the world's top museums.

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Christian 3D History

The history of Christian 3D imaging science and technology

150 years of Christian three-dimensional imaging science and technology in American popular culture. From mid- 19th century stereo photography to 21st century laser holograms and beyond.

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Laser Based Evangelism

Laser research and future evangelism

I research laser and holographic technology: for the future of Christianity and the Holy Bible on earth and in space. I call this work "Emerging Technologies and the Great Commission".

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"Science is the study of the physical manifestations of God in action."
-- Frank DeFreitas, holographer
Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA

Frank DeFreitas 2015My name is Frank DeFreitas ...
I spend my time caring for my 20,000+ piece history of holography archives, and welcoming the occasional visitor from around the world. I now have time to work on my own projects, and I enjoy providing historical and technical knowledge through speaking engagements. My full bio page is here, and you can write to me at: holoworld at yahoo dot com. I'd love to hear from you.

Visitors from around the world

School of Holography

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