Natural LASER action in the antediluvian atmosphere?

Examining the possibilities of stimulated emission in the pre-flood atmosphere of young Earth.

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Natural LASER action in the antediluvian atmosphere?

Frank DeFreitas
First published 15 June 2016
Updated: 11 October 2016

Anthony E. Siegman of Stanford University states in his classic reference to lasers (Lasers; University Science Books), that it is very challenging to realize that naturally occurring molecular MASERs and LASERs -- with truly enormous power outputs -- have been oscillating in interstellar space, on comets, and in planetary atmospheres in our own solar system.

More recently, amplified spontaneous-emission lines corresponding to population inversion on known CO2 laser transitions near 10.4 and 9.4 microns have similarly been observed coming from the planetary atmospheres, or mesopheres, of the planets Mars and Venus. The pumping mechanism is believed to be absorption of sunlight by the CO2 molecules. The net gains through the atmospheric layers are remarkably small (less than 10% gain), but the *total* power involved is quite high, because of the large volumes involved in these "natural lasers".

According to the Handbook of Laser Wavelengths, edited by Marvin J. Weber, naturally occurring maser action is frequently found in clouds of molecular gases in our galaxy where water or other molecules amplify radiation from stars. Whereas natural MASERS operating at microwave and millimeter wavelengths have been known for several decades and now number in the hundreds, shorter wavelength natural lasers are much rarer. Those discovered thus far operate at infrared wavelengths of CO2 in the mesophere and thermosphere of Mars and Venus and, more recently, at the sub-millimeter wavelengths of hydrogen in interstellar and circumstellar sources.

In Science Frontiers, Issue No. 32, it states that it has long been realized that the Earth's upper atmosphere cannot be in thermodynamic equilibrium, and during the last decade astronomers have made telescopic observations of non-equilibrium processes taking place in the upper atmospheres of our Earth-like neighbors, Mars and Venus. A preliminary analysis by Michael Mumma, of Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland, and his colleagues indicated that processes analogous to optical pumping in laboratory lasers were taking place and led to the coining of the term 'natural lasers.' Now, L. Drake Deming and colleagues from the Goddard team have taken new observations of emission from Mars and Venus at wavelengths near 10 micrometers and modeled them to show that stimulated emission -- the effect which makes lasers so powerful -- accounts for up to seven per cent of the total emission.

young earth world
In the journal Nature, a paper titled "Natural Lasers on Venus and Mars" by Fred W. Taylor noted that the atmospheres of Mars and Venus are almost pure CO2. The CO2 molecules are excited by the absorption of energetic solar photons; then, thermally emitted photons at about 10 micrometers from lower reaches of the atmosphere collide with the excited molecules, stimulating them to emit another 10-micrometer photon, thus doubling the number of photons. This is typical laser action. Deming and Mumma speculate that the natural laser action existing in the Martian atmosphere could be intensified and focussed into an intense beam of infrared radiation of enormous power by placing two large mirrors in orbit, creating a space-borne analog of a laboratory laser. Taylor goes on to describe how such a space-borne, "natural" laser could be utilized in providing communication over vast interstellar distances.

One must keep in mind that, so far, it has been possible to detect only infrared emission via celestial-based lasing action. This means that the emission produced is in the part of the spectrum that is not visible via the human eye. However, since many materials can lase ... from argon, to helium, to jello and tonic water, it is necessary to examine the exact mixture and ratios of gases in the antediluvian atmosphere to determine if lasing could have actually taken place.

It is generally agreed upon that oxygen levels were elevated during the pre-flood period on Earth. One such laser that utilizes oxygen is the COIL, or Chemical Oxygen Iodine Laser. This is a laser that operates in the infrared part of the spectrum, with an output wavelength of 1315 nanometers (or 13,150 angstroms for us old-timers). Once again, this wavelength is not visible to the human eye, but with frequency doubling -- as with many DPSS lasers -- the emission could, under the right conditions, become visible light. As an example, an 808 nanometer wavelength infrared GaAlAs laser diode optically pumps a neodymium-doped yttrium aluminium garnet (Nd:YAG) or a neodymium-doped yttrium orthovanadate (Nd:YVO4) crystal which then in turn produces 1064 nm wavelength light. This 1064 nm light is then frequency doubled using a KTP crystal, thus producing 532 nm visible light.

young earth world
It is interesting to note that one Creation theory places metallic hydrogren crystals as a canopy shell surrounding the Earth. According to the Creation wiki: "The crystalline canopy is a model of the canopy theory used as a source of the 40-day rain that fell during Noah's flood. It is envisioned as a blanket of polarized hydrogen ice crystals and is believed by some to have formed a huge magnetic shield that surrounded the earth." If natural infrared laser action had been taking place within the antediluvian atmosphere, could this blanket of polarized metallic hydrogen crystals serve also as a frequency doubler leading to stimulated emission in the visible part of the spectrum (light)? The wiki goes on to state that "... while largely discredited by the greater, more mainstream scientific creationist community, it still holds a position to some and is worthy of discussion."

Arnold Henry Guyot, Blair professor of geology and physical geography at Princeton University, and member of the National Academy of Sciences wrote in his landmark 19th century book "Creation" that "...the oceans were not only very warm, but must have been highly acidulated. These hot and acid waters, resting upon the old mineral crust, must have decomposed it, and a new series of chemical combinations have been formed ... By these powerful chemical actions the earth was transmuted into a vast, galvanic pile, emitting constant streams of electricity, which, reaching the ethereal space at the boundary of the thick atmosphere, became luminous."

At the risk of being considered "junk science" (which, ironically, is where many now-accepted ideas began, including diode laser holography), one must duplicate the antediluvian atmospheric conditions as closely as possible: provide a pumping source to those gases (via solar or electrical), provide an appropriate resonate cavity, then measure for stimulated emission and gainful amplification. If that emission can be successfully frequency doubled into the visible part of the spectrum, the antediluvian atmosphere was not just an atmosphere, but a photosphere of coherent light as well. Could pre-flood man have harnessed this "laser" light? Afterall, sunlight (solar) driven lasers (890 W/m2) have been a reality for several years now. And we all know that there is nothing new under the sun.

In Closing: If I may, I would like to add two bits of speculation: First, many critics of the Holy Bible, along with many of today's Christian theistic evolutionists say the Bible (the Genesis account in particular) is incorrect because it states that light was created *before* the sun. Many years ago this was a sticking point for me as well. Today, I say "not so fast". Turning to my lasers for an explanation, I know that electrons release packets of energy known as quanta, which manifest as photons when the electrons transition from their highly excited state in the outer shell of each atom, back to their rightful, ground-state place in the atomic structure of whatever material is used for lasing ... be it gas, liquid or solid. When most of the electrons are in this excited, outer-shell state and releasing photons of light, it is known as a population inversion. With this in mind, the actual ACT of Creation ALONE may very well have been enough for stimulated emission -- and therefore light -- to take place ... BEFORE the creation of the sun, moon and stars. Let me repeat ... YES, there could have been light BEFORE there was a sun, a moon, or stars ... via natural lasing action. And where did the stimulation (pump) come from? Good question! The answer: the mighty WORD OF GOD!

Second, it has been assumed by many that the term "lesser light" from Genesis 1:16 is referring to the moon and stars of the night sky: "And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars also." (KJV). Therefore, with speculative hat on, the pre-flood sky may very well have been glowing continuously ... 24 hours a day ... similarly to what takes place with the aurora borealis today ... but throughout the entire atmospheric expanse. Pre-flood man, woman, animals and plants would always be "in the light' -- to a "greater" degree in the daytime, and to a "lesser" degree in the night. Continuous COHERENT light. Until the arrival of the great world-wide deluge, and the destruction of the canopy resonator: "In the six hundredth year of Noah's life, in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month, the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened." (KJV) And thus ended the natural laser action in the antediluvian atmosphere forever.

I therefore propose these possibilities for further thought and investigation.

-- Frank DeFreitas (BIO)  (CONTACT)
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