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antique hand pointer Free Student Study Guide Lasers, Holography and Photonics Primer

Lasers, Holography and Photonics Primer: Here is a great PDF student study guide that you can read and / or download to help with your understanding of lasers, optics, and holography. It also contains history and bios of some of the early researchers in the field. You may use it for homework assignments. Please give credit to holoworld.


This page is new as of 5 April 2018. I will be adding links and downloads in the near future. Please check back. The following files for download are materials found online that may be of value to you in your pursuit of lasers and holography:

antique hand pointer Newport Research Holography Project Handbook Newport Research Holography Project Handbook

Newport Research Holography Project Handbook: This pdf provides several holography experiments you can do at home or school. From the Newport Research Corporation. It dates back quite a few years, but all of the experiments contained within (interferometry, holograms, etc.) are still performed today as they were then. Download is approx. 800k in size.

antique hand pointer Color Holography: Hans Bjelkhagen, Ph.D. Color Holography by Dr. Hans Bjelkhagen

Color Holography: If you are curious about making color holograms, this paper by the world- renown Hans Bjelkhagen, Ph.D. will be a great primer. Download is approx. 79k in size.

antique hand pointer Introduction to Colour: Dinesh Padiyar Introduction to Colour: Dinesh Padiyar

Introduction to Color: A very concise and well presented introduction to what we mean by "color". Presented by Dinesh Padiyar, one of holography's top holo scientists / technicians in the world today. Download is approx. 1MB in size.

hand pointer icon Laser and Holography Archives

Since 1976 I have been curating a collection of laser and holography printed memorabilia and ephemera. This online gallery has over 1,200 photos documenting the history of these two Nobel Prize-winning fields. You may use these photos for homework and reports. Please give credit to

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