Wonders of the Bible at World Maker Faire 2017.

World Maker Faire New York 2017:

Wonders of the Bible at World Maker Faire 2017.

Utilizing the information that we provided in Make Magazine Issue #25, we have built out the system to provide professional level 3-dimensional holograms. At this 2017 World Maker Faire, we return once again with a very unique application: Biblical based imaging science and technology: past, present, and future.

Our presentations
Presenting our laser and holography research across the USA.

We will bring and display examples of various research work, both our own and from others, including: the latest 3D imaging of the Shroud of Turin; micro and nano printing technologies; auto-stereoscopic imaging; 3D recording fossils and ancient artifacts; and free space laser communication.

We hope that you'll stop by our table, ask questions, and enjoy a few laser technology demonstrations throughout the weekend. Something a little different!

The Wonders of the Bible Team 2017

Shroud of Turin
We will have the very latest 3D scientific imaging research from the Shroud of Turin.